Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The All In one Andriod Phone Manager Mobogine

 (Download Mobogine)

Did you ever wish you could carry the data in your PC on your phone? Mobogenie makes it possible! Transfer pictures, videos, music and other data between your PC and phone


Mobogenie is a free software, which lets you backup and restore the files from your phone to PC, Manage your phone and provides free apps


MoboGenie is an Android phone manager,one stop store for all apps. With Mobogenie download and install apps and games much faster than any other medium

Apps Downloaded

As if it doesn't take a lifetime to download an 80-MB app, the cost of downloading it makes it even worse. That's where Mobogenie bails you out!
Select free apps and games from the store and install them on to your phone... at no data charges at all! Sounds like magic?

Manage and Edit Contacts Easily:

If it's difficult to edit hundreds of your contacts on the phone, get Mobogenie to do the task.From adding new numbers to editing existing data to simply deleting unnecessary contacts Mobogenie helps make it as easy as pie! 

Download the Best Videos,Music and Photos:

You've had the same old videos and music for ages, and now it's time you treated yourself to something new. Choose from the best and the latest and download them to your Android device, all to be enjoyed on the go!

Back up and Restore In Single click

Put away that constant worry of losing your Android phone or fear of switching to another. Simply entrust Mobogenie to back up your data with a single click! And if you want to restore this data to your phone or to another Android device, breathe easy. Restoring data is a click away for Mobogenie!

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  1. I installed it but it does not detect my samsung Grand, kies is able to but mobogine does not even its in debugging mode

  2. hey i have downloaded some apps for my android device from mobogenie.. now i purchased nokia lumia 520 (windows phone) can i use the same apps for lumia????
    reply to tharunjohn24@gmail.com